Upcoming MBE/WBE and SDVE Subcontracting Bid Opportunities

The following listing identifies procurement requests the Division of Purchasing is currently preparing on behalf of a state agency for issuance to the public. These procurements will offer evaluation scoring consideration to vendors who propose qualified Missouri-certified MBE/WBE participation and Missouri Service Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (SDVE) as part of their proposed solution in their procurement response. This notification is being provided prior to the procurement’s issuance in order to provide an opportunity for vendors to network and to identify potentially viable MBE/WBE/SDVE participation solutions either by means of direct participation or through partnering arrangements.

The Description column provides the products/services requested by the listed state agency(ies). The Projected Issuance column provides the month that the Division of Purchasing buyer expects to issue a solicitation for the procurement. The Buyer column provides the name of the buyer of record for the procurement and provides a link to the buyer’s e-mail for any questions vendors may have regarding the procurement. The UNSPSC Code(s) column provides the commodity/service code(s) that the buyer will be using in the solicitation. Vendors interested in the procurement should have this commodity/service code(s) selected on their MissouriBUYS vendor profile to ensure they are notified of the solicitation when it is issued. The Prior Bid #/Current Contract # column provides the prior bid #/current contract # for the products/services.  Vendors can access the bid file and contract file on the Division of Purchasing's Awarded Bid & Contract Document Search System (also known as OnBase System).  Instructions for using as well as access to the system are provided below. 


Search & Retrieval Instructions

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Description Projected Issuance Buyer UNSPSC Code(s) Prior Bid #/Current Contract #
Chafee Foster Care Program for Successful Transition to Adulthood
Department of Social Services
July 93141506 RFPS30034901900232 / CS190232001-004
Chemical Analysis Services - QVL
Department of Natural Resources
July 60104202 RFPS30034902101953/CS211953001
Commercial Food Service Equipment Statewide
July 48100000 RFPC30034902201538/CC221538001
Dietary Consulting Services
Department of Public Safety
Missouri Veteran's Commission
July 85151607 RFPS30034902200164/CS220164001
International Travel Trade In-Country Representation
Department of Economic Development (DED)
July 80171601 N/A
Janitorial Services - St. Joseph State Office Building
Office of Administration/Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction
July 76111501 RFPS30034902102157/CS212157001
Janitorial Services – Kansas City DOLIR State Office Building
Office of Administration/Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction
July 76111501 RFPS30034902101388/CS211388002
Missouri Travel Guide
Department of Economic Development (DED)
July 82121505 RFPS30034902001161/CS201161001
Pharmacy Benefit Administration Services
Department of Social Services
July 85101705 Preferred Drug List: RFPS30034902201460 / CS221460001; Clinical Management Services and System for Pharmacy Claims and Prior Authorization: B2Z07044 / C207044001; and Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) & Fiscal Agent Services: B2Z07044 / C207027001
Trooper Promotion Process Services
Department of Public Safety / Missouri State Highway Patrol
July 93141811 N/A
Vehicle Insurance Verification including Diversion (VIViD)/Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility (MVFR) Enforcement System
Department of Revenue
July 43231500
Actuarial Services
Department of Commerce & Insurance
August 80101512 CS210574001-008
Electronic Health Records System
August 43231500 N/A
Missouri Workers' Compensation Alternative Residual Market Plan
Department of Commerce & Insurance
August 64122305 N/A
Workforce Diploma Program QVL
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
August 86111600 RFPS30034902301084/CS231084001
Mail Processing, Case Initiation, and Electronic Document Management
Department of Social Services
September 80141800 RFPT30034902401801367/ CT181376001