Missouri Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SDVE) Information

Pursuant to section 34.074, RSMo, and 1 CSR 40-1.050, the Division of Purchasing has a goal of awarding three (3) percent of all contracts for the performance of any job or service to qualified service-disabled veteran business enterprises (SDVEs). In addition, a three (3) bonus point preference shall be granted to a bidder/offeror who meets the requirements of a SDVE on bids/proposals for the performance of any job or service, except for a no cost contract and any other exception provided for (1 CSR 40-1.050) and as approved by the Director of the Division of Purchasing. The three (3) percent goal can be met, and the bonus points obtained, by a qualified SDVE vendor in non-weighted and weighted criteria procurements and/or through the use of qualified subcontractors or suppliers in weighted criteria procurements that provide at least three (3) percent of the total contract value.

The Division of Purchasing maintains this database that lists vendors that have previously provided the required documentation indicating their SDVE status. This database provides each vendor’s name, contact information, commodities/services provided, SDV name, and expiration month/year of the certification. (Note: A vendor will be removed from the database if the vendor does not renew their certification.)